Recliner Pagoda

Recliner Pagoda customizable colours and coatings. Optional choice.



H. 99/105 x W. 74 x D. 87 cm

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Spazio Relax

Spazio Relax Recliner Pagoda

  • Structure: Wood covered with polyurethane and metal mechanism
  • Padding: Ecological polyurethane foam with different densities covered by a dacron layer
  • Cover: Leather, faux leather, microfibre, fabric
  • Feet: In wood color: silver, wengè
  • Main Feauture: Adjustable headrest for a greater comfort in relax position
  • 100% Italian product
  • H. 99/105 x W. 74 x D. 87 cm
  • Seat width:: 50 cm
  • Seat height: 44 cm


The company

Spazio Relax is a young and dynamic company, specialized in the production of armchairs, massage and lift.

A constantly changing reality, which capitalizes the know-how gained in the upholstered furniture sector with the aim of offering its customers customized products and high quality solutions that meet the needs of comfort and wellness.
The team of Spazio Relax is made up of industry experts, able to create chairs that combine technology, craftsmanship and aesthetic sense.
From the experience and the creativity of the team, Spazio Relax products stand out for their design and versatility, characteristics that make them unique and exclusive, able to adapt to any environment and to meet specific demands.

The optional

Fodere copribraccioli

Armrest cover

Armrest cover, same color of the armchair, to protect the areas most subject to wear and tear.





Fodera coprischienale

Backrest cover

Backrest cover, same color of the armchair, to protect the areas most subject to wear and tear





Fodere copriseduta

Seatrest cover

Seatrest cover, same color of the armchair, to protect the areas most subject to wear and tear.





Cuscini poggiareni

Lumbar cushion

Comfortable cushion to place in the lumbar area, to ensure higher wellness and relief to specific body areas.





Cuscinetto poggiatesta

Head cushion

Comfortable cushion to place on the upper part of the backrest, for optimal cervical support.





Comandi a bracciolo

Armrest control unit

Metal armrest control unit, with 2 and 4 buttons. Only available on 1 and 2 motor Relax versions.






The Thermo Kit system gives Spazio Relax armchairs the possibility to have a thermal zone for a beneficial warming effect in the chair seat and in the lumbar area of the backrest. The system can work with 2 heating zones placed 1 on the seat and 1 on the backrest, but also in combination with the vibro kit, placing 4 vibromassaging plaques (2 on the backrest, 1 on the seat and 1 on the footrest) with 1 thermo system placed on the seat, granting an effective vibromassaging movement together with a pleasing warming effect.

kit termo-spazio relax


The innovative lumbar support/massage BF15 system grants a simple and effective solution to the widespread problem of backpain and fatigue of the lower part of the backbone, caused by natural compression of the vertebrae due to stress, work, wrong daily posture, driving, etc.



The BF15 lumbar support kit is an electromechanical device offering two great advantages for your relax. In fact, it allows to: 


Customize the depth of the backrest in the lumbar area, with a range of approximately 10 cm, granting an effective and restful support to the lower part of the backbone.


Through the Back Flex Program (BFM), it applies a distensive massaging movement to the vertebrae discs thanks to a repeated and continuous push of the backrest lumbar cushion.
We invite you to try the effectiveness of our BF15 system in order to enjoy a healthy and relaxing comfort and give your back the necessary relief after a stressful and tiring day.




Roller System is a practical tool to lift the mechanism on four independent wheels, operated by a foot pedal placed at the back of the amrchair. It is a funcional and practical system perfect to easily move the chair from one room to another.



The battery kit allows the chair to be used in any corner of the home, even where no power sockets are available. On average, the battery charge is sufficient for 60 complete operating cycles. 


Spazio Relax offers its clientele the possibility to buy chairs that grant a lifting and moving power higher than the widespread standard which is of about 120 kg.

The Independent Lift version offers two types of reinforced mechanisms, which raise the maximum lifting weight to 180 kg or 250 kg. Furthermore, it is possible to opt a larger seat, passing from the standard of 52 cm to 57/63 cm, in order to offer a higher level of comfort to any user.

meccaniche rinforzate-SPAZIO RELAX   meccaniche rinforzate

The massages


This is a massage that allows to stimulate blood circulation and create a pleasing wellness sensation, through five vibrating plaques placed in several zones of the chair, each of which can be singularly activated. The Life Massage system can be applied on every relax and lift mechanism, to obtain a range of products that is ideal for any specific need.


This is a kind of massage exercised to improve blood and limphatic circulation, able to generate interior tranquility and physical wellness. The massaging system consists of a mechanism with two arms with massaging wheels mounted on tracks, that scroll up and down a person’s back, exercising a constant and even massage on the back’s surface. The system is composed of three different shiatsu massage types.


This movement stretches the dorsal
muscles, allowing the backbone
to decompress, stretching the
space between vertebrae and the
relaxation of the back muscles. This
type of massage is ideal to alleviate
stress levels, insomnia and muscle


This massage simulates the
pressure massage able to stimulate
all the back muscles, reducing
pain and tension. Such massage
has a positive effect on peripheral
blood circulation, thus improving
inflammatory states, reducing
cervical pain, helping to reduce
fatigue after any kind of physical
stress, stimulating and toning up
the muscle tissues.


Through slow and intermittent
tapping movements, it fosters
psycophysical wellness, since
it allows the relaxation of tense
muscles due to stress and
accumulated tension. It stimulates
blood circulation, allows to tone up
back muscles, to reduce lumbar
and dorsal tension and to act on
the areas most subject to cellulite
and fat mass accumulation.


Through the action of a vibrating
plaque, it exercises a massage
on the lower limbs of the body, so
as to stimulate leg decongestion
and to facilitate blood circulation.
The full relaxing position, footrest
up and backrest down, helps
to increase the beneficial action
and positive effects of this kind of



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