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Media Relations:


Deco Mobili srl has worked hardly to improve and enhance the existing tools of communication, with the goal of creating an effective channel to listen, inform and dialogue with all its stakeholders and to be able to respond promptly to customer’s needs.
For this reason, Deco Mobili srl considers communication an essential element for its activity, a key factor to "create value" and to provide quality services. 


The significant growth of Social Media has changed the methods of communication between the company and its stakeholders. DecOnlineStore takes part in the conversations on the major Social Media, encouraging users to comment and share.

DecOnlineStore asks the interlocutors a constructive contribution to the discussions and respect for others opinions.


Therefore, please do not insert posts:

- False, deceptive or manipulative;

- They may suggest, support or encourage illegal activity;

- Libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, violent or otherwise provocative for others;

- Intending to cause technical faults;

- That infringe the intellectual property rights of DecOnlineStore;

- Discriminatory, racist, sexually explicit, vulgar or offensive;


DecOnlineStore do not monitor every post, however, reserves the right to delete content and materials that do not meet the above rules.

For any additional information or inquiry, please email us at


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