offers the possibility to easily pay by:

-          Credit Card

-          PayPal

-          Bank Transfer

-          Cash on Delivery (available only in Italy)

-          Installment Plan (for Italian resident only)


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Online transactions are protected by advanced encryption techniques such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a standard protocol that ensures the secure exchange of data. The customer can make the payment, by choosing one of the following methods:

Payment by Credit Card

In the case of payment made by credit card, reserves the right to request the receipt, within 24 hours, of a copy of the identity card proving the actual ownership of the credit card used. It being understood that, in the absence of the sending requested, may refuse the payment and cancel the order.

All the payment information will be processed through a server-to-server secure connection by using the protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This system takes care of encrypting the information you type, in order to prevent their interception by external users. Such information will never be used by for the exception to complete the purchasing procedures and issuing refunds in the event of any returned product. As well it could be possible that this information can be used if becomes necessary to prevent or report to the police commission of fraud on The personal information provided may be disclosed to a credit institution or an agency anti-fraud that can keep records of such information.

At the time of the order’s transmission, no amount will be charged to the credit card used by the customer for payment. The charge will be made only after: 1) verifying the data of the credit card used by the customer for payment; 2) the issuer of the credit card used by the customer will issue an authorization to charge. will send the goods only after confirming receiving the payment.
For more information about payment methods, please see our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.


Payment by PayPal

The Customer may pay for purchases on via PayPal. accepts payment made via PayPal only for smaller amounts and/or equal to € 990.00.

PayPal is a reliable, rapid and innovative method to make purchases on e-commerce. PayPal does not involve any additional cost to the customer.
If the customer is not yet registered on PayPal, he can easily open an account by clicking to the following link:

PayPal accepts all major credit cards/prepaid cards (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Poste Pay). PayPal protects your privacy and protects the customer's financial information systems with automatic encryption.
In addition, anti-fraud experts will monitor payments 24 hours 24. With PayPal, the customer buys in the preferred shop and, when charged, he has not to provide financial data every time, as they are retrieved automatically and securely.


Payment via Bank Transfer

The payment made via bank transfer is subject to the following conditions.
The Customer shall transfer the total amount to the bank account assigned to:
Deco Mobili srl - Unicredit Corporate Banking S.p.a. agency of Martina Franca (TA) - IBAN: IT 15 M 02008 78932 000 500 003 600 – BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1L63.
The customer must send an e-mail (at  ) proof of payment - eg. reference number transaction - along with the order number, name and surname of the person who made the order, within 4 working days of the date on which the customer will receive the e-mail order confirmation. Course in vain that period, the order will be automatically canceled and will not be processed without the need for any communication from
All expenses, fees and bank charges to be paid by the customer. reserves the right to request additional payment, if the amount entered does not match with the amount of the order.
The ordered goods will be shipped to the customer as soon as available in the store and as soon as the bank transfer reaches the bank account of a Deco Mobili srl.


Payment by Cash on Delivery accept payment on delivery, exclusively, for smaller amounts and / or equal to € 500.00. The cash payment is made on delivery (courier will not accept checks and does not give change). The service is valid in Italy only. If the shipment of an order with payment on delivery not succeed, for reasons chargeable to the customer, reserves the right not to proceed with a potential subsequent order, having the same form of payment. To access the method of payment on delivery, the Customer must be an holder of a bank account or postal account.


Payment by Installment Plan

This method of payment if valid for Italian resident only. For more information about this method of payment please see Terms and Conditions by clicking here.